Shamain – The first level of Heaven, ruled by Gabriel (who is of course missing). Its where all the I-children reside and were under Gabriel’s protection. This is no considered the slums by every other angel with the way it has corroded. 

Raquia – The second level of Heaven, above Gabriel’s, ruled by Raphael (oh…) This is where Virtue resides. It’s also where Rachel gets found by Michael (who was on his way to grab Raphael and head back to the camps basically).

Shehaquim – Technically ruled by Azriel but that asshole took off to go do his own thing because he got fed up with the politics of Heaven. In his stead, -—- currently has control of the area and its honestly not that remarkable…

Machanon - Fourth level of Heaven, ruled by the great and powerful Michael. But while Michael is doing his penance, Khamiel is in charge who is the second in command of Powers. Made sense at the time at least.

Machon - By technicalities, it is ruled over by Uriel but given the severity of his penance; he has no claim to the land but it still uses his resources.

Zebul – At current, ruled over by Zulithriel. Which is the whole mess… This is also where the Dome of Glass is.

Araboth – God’s Tower. Was supposed to be ruled by Metatron but seeing as he’s missing… well, who knows what state its in. He closed the door behind him to protect whatever was on the other side.


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