One of the last great demon races alive, though with the fewest in numbers.  They are large creatures, standing at an average of 8 feet tall and weighing in at 400lbs.  They are a pale creature that amplifies the paleness by wearing the whitest of clothes.  But what they are known for and truly feared for is how poisonous they truly are. 

Though they are considered self governed, the invasion of the Fallen Angels into their castle (which is now referred to as Lucifer's Castle as opposed to giving it proper ownership to the original owners) have made it to where they are forced to listen to what they say.

Poisonous by Trade

The Elbinsinians are known for how poisonous they are.  Any sort of fluid that is produced by their body is to some degree poisonous.  Each one has its own type and severeity that does not translate to another.  There are only a few that are considered 'across the board' if you will.  

  • Blood: Highly caustic.  Will melt flesh and bone within a few hours.  
  • Sweat: Can burn and blister, if left on it will eat away into the muscle tissue.
  • Tears: Can burn and blister.
  • Claws: if cut by the claws deep enough to enter the blood stream, it will essentially remove any water from the victim causing mummification within a few days.

Each Elbinsinian has their own antivenom that they carry on their person at all times.  The creation of the antivenom are by the Alkaatians.


Usually taller than the female sex, the males tend to be far leaner in build.  Their hair is kept long and piled high on their heads in ornate fashions.  The more ornate the hair style, then obviously the more higher class you must be.  Males tend to also wear the most layers when it comes to clothing, believing that by having more layers, you are far less capable of being injured which would lead to being unable to poison your brethren.


It is said that the female Elbinsinians are far less attractive than their male counterparts.  They dress in similar fashions as the males but do not engage with putting on so many layers.  Their hair is kept short, though some will let their hair get to be shoulder length if they are a touch rebellious, but it is frowned upon by the males, and seen as a faux pas.

There are fewer breeding females than there are males, and this is partially due to how difficult conception, and development of offspring is.  While exceedingly poisonous themselves, when a child is conceived, the fetus itself begins to create and excrete its own set of toxins.  This could unfortunately kill the mother before she is even aware of the fact that she is with child.  Furthermore, during development, the fetus continues to change its poisons during the various stages of growth.   The mother also has a high chance of poisoning the developing fetus at any stage of the growth, but the developed antivenom for the mother is continuously injected into the womb to counteract the chances of the child being killed by the mother.



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